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Makers Gonna Make

I am not one to sit still. I welcome change, sometimes going so far as to seek it myself. That's no less true than with Du Pré and Moore and our collections and products. I am always planning, developing, and wondering, "what's next?"

Right now, "what's next" means a lot of really cool things and I'm so excited about that.

First up: a brand new scent collection is about to launch on 24 February. This new collection will feature 4 scent blends and will come in your choice of our 10.5 oz clear glass tumblers, or our LIMITED EDITION 13.5 oz black matte tumbler.

Our new scents are:


scent notes of bergamot, caramel, piñon, amber and cedarwood.


Scent notes of heliotrope, currant, cinnamon and champaka.


Scent notes of balsam, fir forest and vanilla bean.


Scent notes of pomegranate, tonka, oud, amber and sandalwood.

Secondly, after many requests and a lot of planning, I have decided to launch a candle jar buy back program. If you have purchased on of our 6, 8 or 16 oz candles, or one of our 10.5 oz clear tumbler candles, you can return the jars back to our Kitimat studio and I will give you a coupon code for a discounted candle of the same size and collection of the jar you returned.

You can go to our "buy back" tab on our website for further information. I am so happy that I am finally doing this. It's a great way to decrease wastage while giving you a discount on a candle.

There is a lot that is in the works, these 2 are just the tip of the iceberg. You can follow along with Du Pré and Moore on Instagram as we navigate this incredible journey of change.


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