A deeply rooted desire to develop and craft products that lend themselves to living a life of intention, and a firm belief in the notion of quality over quantity, have dictated every step that we have taken since launching in Australia in 2010.  A lot has changed since then, including a move to Canada, but our belief system has remained steadfast.

Our candle collections


We believe that the art to candle making comes in the development of the scent, and as such, we pride ourselves on our signature blends.  Using the same time honoured techniques found in the art of traditional perfumery, we have worked tirelessly to build our fragrance catalogue from the ground up, forgoing the use of any/all pre-blended scent formulas.  This has given us a foundation of creativity; integrity and authenticity.

YES: cotton core wicks | soy wax | perfume grade fragrance oils & pure essential oils

NO: paraffin wax / lead wicks

Our face + body collections

Harnessing the transformative and healing powers of pure plant oils, herbals and botanicals, we have carefully crafted a range of face + body products that focus on ritual over mundane, quality over quantity and the notion of less is more. We believe in the intentionality of caring for your body's largest organ.  It protects you.  Protect it right back. 

YES: pure essential oils /herbals and botanicals / pure plant butters and waxes

NO: palm oil or palm derivatives / sulphates / artificial preservatives / phthalates

Each product is carefully designed, developed and brought to life in our Kitimat British Columbia studio, in true artisan spirit.  Crafted by hand in micro-batches, from ingredient sourcing, development, packaging and shipping, every order from our studio is touched by two hands and sent on its way with intention, love and an unending passion for creating beautiful things.