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Why is shipping so expensive? 

I know it really is and I am so sorry about that.  Unfortunately, Canada Post isn't a very budget friendly postal service.  It doesn't help that we are located in a remote area so these two factors drive up the postal costs.  For example, it costs $12 to ship a .700g parcel to an address about 4 minutes from our studio.  Unfortunately there is no way around it.  

What if I pay more for shipping than what my order takes? 

If you pay more to ship your order than it actually takes to ship it, then we will gladly refund you the cost difference.

Do you do rush orders?

We can, and are happy to under certain circumstances, but we if you need an order quickly, we ask that you contact us first, prior to placing your order.  All of our products are made to order for maximum efficacy and it takes a certain amount of time.  This isn't more true than with our candles.  Once they are poured, they need at least 24 hours to properly cure.  If we are already putting together numerous orders at the time your request comes through, rush production may not be possible.  The moral of the story: if you require your order as soon as possible, please contact us first. We will make every effort to accommodate but will not guarantee that we can.

What are your candles made of? 

All of our candles are hand crafted using only sustainably sourced soy wax.  We have chosen this vegetable based wax because it burns cooler and slower, therefore increasing the life of your candle.  Another benefit to soy wax is, unlike paraffin, it burns much cleaner, making it a much better option for the benefit of you and your family, as well as the environment.  Lastly, unlike beeswax, soy wax is 100% vegan, which is VERY important to us. 

What is the burn time for your candles?

Our 16oz candles have a burn time of +/- 60 hours. The 8oz candles have a burn time of +/-30 hours, and our travel tins have a burn time of +/- 20 hours.  Our 10.5oz Essentials range candles has a burn time of +/- 50 hours.  All burn times are approximate and dependent upon environmental factors, ie. air flow. 

Why don't you use paraffin wax in your candles?

There are a few reasons why we choose to not use paraffin wax.  Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum making it not very healthy to breathe in and it also leaves the black soot if the candle is burned too close to the wall.  It also burns very hot, shortening the life of your candle.  

Are your face and body products vegetarian and/or vegan friendly?

Yes, all of our products are cruelty free and are suitable for vegetarians. 


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