Want to try before you buy?


We know fragrance is subjective and sometimes needs to be experienced in real life, rather than reading a description.  After many requests, we have decided to offer tealight sample packs of our collections so you can try each fragrance in order to find your favourite. 


We recommend testing these fragrances BEFORE lighting them as the natural scent of the burned wick can alter the full fragrance of the oil blend. 


Please note that burning the tealight will not give an accurate indication of scent throw. 



  • CORE COLLECTION  - 6 tea light samples

    cactus flower | efflorescent | everwood | fruitful | melon | wildling


    ESSENTIAL OIL COLLECTION - 6 tea light samples

    Basil + Lemon

    Cedarwood + Petitgrain

    Clary Sage + Bergamot

    *Love Stories 

    Peppermint + Lemongrass

    Rosewood + Sweet Orange

    * our signature scent with pink grapefruit | neroli | ylang ylang | patchouli