SMOULDER // jesmonite

SMOULDER // jesmonite



essential oil blend of:

vetiver, fir, cedarwood, and cypress

Poured in your colour choice of hand crafted Jesmonite vessel.

Our colour preference for SMOULDER would of course be black. 


Earthy and woodsy with the warm distinct fragrance of a smouldering fire.  It is comforting, grounding, and reminiscent of the camp fire that has long burned out but with just enough scent to remind you of the last nights laughter and s'mores. 


Due to the nature of Jesmonite, no 2 vessels are exactly the same.  There may be variances in colour and texture between vessels.  This is perfectly normal and a reminder that our vessels are made by hand, and not mass produced in a foreign factory. Each Jesmonite vessel has been coloured using natural oxides and no artificial dyes or colourants. 


Crafted by hand in micro-batches of 6-8 candles using sustainably sourced soy wax, a proprietary perfume oil blend developed in-house and a lead-free cotton braided wick, poured into a Jesmonite vessel. The scent, candle and vessel have all been artisan crafted in British Columbia.