MYSIG // jesmonite

MYSIG // jesmonite


MYSIG // (mee-seeg)

essential oil blend of:

blood orange, rosewood, ylang ylang and cinnamon bark

Poured in your colour choice of hand crafted Jesmonite vessel.  

Our colour choice for MYSIG is Ochre. 


Mysig.  Origin: Swedish

Anything that is cozy, comfortable or having an exeptionally good vibe.  It's a warm room on a cold and snowy day, with a lit fire place; a good book and your favourite hot drink.  Mysig is not a thing, it's a way of life, captured in a tumbler.


Due to the nature of Jesmonite, no 2 vessels are exactly the same.  There may be variances in colour and texture between vessels.  This is perfectly normal and a reminder that our vessels are made by hand, and not mass produced in a foreign factory. Each Jesmonite vessel has been coloured using natural oxides and no artificial dyes or colourants. 


Crafted by hand in micro-batches of 6-8 candles using sustainably sourced soy wax, a proprietary perfume oil blend developed in-house and a lead-free cotton braided wick, poured into a Jesmonite vessel. The scent, candle and vessel have all been artisan crafted in British Columbia.