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Have you purchased multiple Du Pré and Moore candles and you don't know what to do with the empty vessels?  We are all about reducing wastage where possible and are now so happy to offer you a buy back program where you can return your empty jars back to us in exchange for a discount on a new candle.


• Simply return your empty jar to the Du Pré and Moore Kitimat studio.  (Address available upon request.)

• Once we have received your jar we will send you a coupon code valid for one candle of the same size that you returned.  You will receive one coupon code for each returned jar.  For example:  You have purchased an 8oz candle and a 10.5 clear tumbler candle.  Once you burn the candles, simply return the jars and the lid to our studio and you will receive one coupon code valid for one new 8oz candle and one coupon code valid for one new 10.5 oz tumbler candle, with scents of your choosing.  

Jars / tumblers returned must be free from scratches, cracks and breaks and the lids must be free from dents and scratches.  Bonus points if you return your jar and lid free from wax residue and without the wick tab. 


6 oz lidded jar - $2 off another 6 oz candle

8 oz lidded jar - $3 off another 8 oz candle

10.5 oz clear tumbler - $4 off another tumbler candle

16 oz lidded jar - $5 off another 16 oz candle


 Currently only available to Kitimat and Terrace locals.

• Only available for candles purchased directly through Du Pré and Moore on our website or at a market.

• Buy back only includes our 6 oz, 8 oz or 16 oz lidded jars, and our 10.5 oz tumblers.

• Each coupon code will only be valid for one candle and for one use.

• Coupon codes can not be used towards a different sized candle, a candle in a different collection or another product.

• Coupon codes are good on full priced candles only.

• Only one coupon code can be used for each transaction.

• Discounts will not be given if jars and/or lids are returned damaged.