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Du Pré and Moore was founded on the principle of providing a home fragrance experience that is not only beautiful, but unique.   We work tirelessly to build our fragrance catalogue in such a way that it places us squarely in the middle of a category all our own.


In order to live up to this founding principle, we forgo the use of any pre-blended formulas.  We believe that the art to candle making comes in the development of the scent, and as such, we pride ourselves on our signature blends.  Using the same time honoured techniques found in the art of traditional perfumery, our scent range was built from the ground up, based on a foundation of creativity; integrity and authenticity.


Each candle is poured in our Kitimat British Columbia studio, in true artisan spirit.  Crafted by hand in micro-batches, from ingredient sourcing, through to pouring, packaging and shipping, every order from our studio is touched by two hands and sent on its way with love and an unending passion for creating beautiful things. 

• vegan & cruelty-free

• additive, paraben & paraffin free  


• perfume grade fragrance oils & pure essential oils 

• no artificial fragrances or preservatives

• cotton core, lead-free, wicks